Keep Your Grill Clean

dirty bbq grill

This is a DIRTY grill

Ask anyone about what they feel best represents summer in their minds, and most often, you’ll find them recalling the smell of fresh-cut grass or the delectable wafting aroma of a charcoal barbecue somewhere in the neighborhood. As wonderful an icon of summer as grilling can be, if you happen to be the person in your household who is charged with the handling of the grill, it can be a kind of heavy load. If you’ve been around a charcoal grill rotisserie for long enough, you know that the secret to an easy time handling the grill is to clean it regularly to keep it in top condition. It isn’t just a matter of not running a disgusting-looking grill either; burnt-on grease can easily make your grilling a lot slower and it can affect the taste as well. Here is your summer guide to keeping your grill spotlessly clean and cooking great.

No matter what job it is that you take up to do, coming to it armed with the right tools is bound to make it a lot easier. There are lots of grill-cleaning toolkits that you’ll find at any kitchen department, that come preassembled with a bunch of grill cleaning tools that you’re likely to need. Buying preassembled kits is usually not a good idea. The sellers of those kits depend on putting in some useless stuff in there that they could never sell on their own. They hope they can charge you for them just because it comes with the kit. Go to a place like William’s Sonoma and buy individual tools to clean your charcoal grill rotisserie or other grill with, and you’ll end up with high-quality stuff that’s easy-to-use and that will last long. Buying individual grill-cleaning tools, you’re looking for a stiff-wire grill brush to brush stubborn food particles from the cooking surface with, tongs to hold hot embers with, a grill scraper to help you reach hard-to-reach places with, and grill floss which does what it sounds like it does. Usually, buying brass should be a good idea. It happens to be a soft and yet hard-wearing material. Aluminum happens to wear out too quickly and stainless steel can be too hard. It can scratch your cooking surfaces.

To make it easy on yourself when you decide to do your thorough cleaning, do make sure that you do a little prepping and cleaning up each time you actually do use the grill. Do this each time you grill, and you’ll find that you are able to prevent the buildup on top of buildup that gets to be really difficult to clean. You need to prep your grill by clearing out all old ashes from the bottom and by using your stiff brush to loosen up dried gunk to sweep away.

Post-barbecue, cleaning your charcoal grill rotisserie can really lighten your load the next time you take it upon yourself to do a thorough job. Dumping half-used burned up ash out and cleaning the rock bed with baking soda and water should do the trick. If you could coat the iron surfaces with cooking spray, you’d have a rust free grill on your hands.

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