Steak Grilling Tips

If you love a good steak out at a restaurant, you may be wary of trying it at home on your own if you have ever had a steak on the grill at a BBQ that was just plain bad. You have to use care with steak and use some tips and tricks to get the best possible steak that you can get. Grilling steak does not have to be that hard, and getting a good one is not necessarily something you have to go to a restaurant to get. Try these tips and see if you can’t grill a mean steak at your next cookout.

Grilling steak is partially about getting the right steak. Some steak simply grills better than others as you can see when you go to the Columbia, South Carolina BBQ Competition. You can do a good job with a chuck steak that costs much less than other types, but chuck can be tough no matter how well you do on the grill. If your going to be grilling steak that is chuck, choose a good marinade. Otherwise, go to the butcher counter at your local grocer and pick out a strip, sirloin, or porterhouse steak that looks good. Don’t go too lean or your steak is going to be drier than it has to be.

Outdoor Grilling

Outdoor Grilling

Before grilling steak, let it sit out on the counter. You may think this is wrong because the meat will go bad, but you don’t let it sit out all day. You should allow it to sit out just long enough to get to room temperature. This will aid greatly in grilling steak. When the meat is at room temperature, it cooks more evenly. If you have a cold steak, you will have a bright red and cold inside and a tough charred outside. That may sound like what you like, but it won’t be close. You want a slight char outside and the red or pink (if you like the meat a bit rare) to be warm, not cold.

Before you start grilling steak, now that it is up to room temperature, you want to add some simple salt and pepper to both sides of the steak. This is all the marinade or added flavor that some people need on their steak. If you have marinaded it, you ay not have to do this, but for a plain steak, this is a great idea. You can then start grilling steak as they do in the BBQ competition in Columbia SC, but only when your fire is hot and even. Wait for your charcoal to burn down to a good heat and make sure your gas grill is not too hot.

Grilling steak to the right temperature is key. Remember that any bacteria on steak is on the outside, so if you want rare, you are usually safe as long as the outside has cooked. This is the part that takes some practice. You can look online for guidelines by type of steak and thickness to find the way you want your steak to be. Keep in mind that the steak will continue to cook for a few minutes after it has left the fire, so take it off a bit early, and allow it to sit so the juices stay in the meat and don’t spill out on your plate when you cut into it. Happy grilling!

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